Доверенность на вывоз ребенка зарубеж на английском языке
Доверенность на вывоз ребенка зарубеж на английском языке
29.07.2014 в 22:17 | sport& travel

Примерный перевод доверенности на английский язык  на вывоз ребенка за границу с одним из родителей

To the Competent Authorities of Страна Прибывания and Russia 
From: citizen Penrova Alija Borisovna born on June 12.1983 
registered at the residential address in Russia, in the Moscow Region, 
Lubertsy. Kirova 10 14 
Passport 33 05 264535 issued by the Lubertsy District 
Division of Internal Affairs in Moscow region,Lubertsy, 
Lubertsy on May 13 of the year 2010 


I, Petrova Alija Borisovna hereby give my consent to travel in СТРАНА ПРИБЫВАНИЯ of my son Nyashkin Nikanor Aliluevich, born March 12, of the year 2010 (Birth Certificate Vi-ХЗ № 769357, date of issue on May 23 of the year 2011 in Babuskinsky department of Moscow Registry Office) with his father , Chudko Konstantin Prokopovich. At period from November 01, of the year 2012, till November 01 of the year 2112. 

According with part 22 of Federal Law of the Russian Federation on the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry Into the Russian Federation, I trust responsibility for the life and health of my son protection of his rights and legitimate interests outside the territory of the Russian Federation at his father Chudko Konstantin Prokopovich. 

I consent that in case of emergency, father of my son can accept all decisions about medical care, protect legitimate interests. 

I don't allow stay in СТРАНА ПРИБЫВАНИЯ for adoption my son in another family 
I read this document and understand all terms and conditions 

Penrova Alija Borisovna ПОДПИСЬ 

Moscow. October 18 of the year 2012 
I certify this Consent . I am Zhulman Arkadij Nillovich notary of Moscow City. 
Consent was signature by Penrova Alija Borisovna in my office, I verified her personality and capacity Registered number is 9c-634 

Stamp and notarys signature

Уведомление о прибытии иностранного гражданина на английском языке

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